FSV Payment Systems

FSV Payment Systems, Your Prepaid Partner

Prepaid cards are our business.

With a decade of experience, FSV is a leader in delivery of prepaid program management and processing services. We process hundreds of programs and millions of cards for...
  • Employers moving to electronic payroll by implementing payroll cards (pay cards) in order to capture the cost savings and productivity gains associated with direct deposit.
  • Government agencies seeking the convenience and efficiency of direct deposit to distribute benefits to recipients without bank accounts.
  • Rebate and incentive companies looking to marry marketing and payments to create more effective consumer loyalty and reward programs.
  • Banks and financial services companies strengthening consumer relationships and extending their product lines with prepaid card and gift card offerings.
  • Insurance companies working to streamline the administration of healthcare and other insurance payments.

No one does prepaid better than FSV.
No one appreciates your business more.

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See how pay cards helped Costco reach 99% electronic pay in under a year.

“…FSV Payment Systems is the most attractive option when looking at all considerations across the board, including management experience and flexibility, customer service, reliability of platform, etc.”

Aité Group LLC.
Branded Prepaid Card Processors: A Vendor Evaluation